Aathira & Aditya

Aathira visited brokerdating in search of a match that her family would approve of. She was hoping to find someone from a community her family would be comfortable with. It was on the platform where she matched with Aditya’s profile, a product manager for an IT firm temporarily located in the city where they matched. Even though he did not want a serious relationship as stated in his bio, Aathira still couldn’t resist swiping right.

Aathira & Aditya

They continued their conversation even when Aathira had to return home to Bangalore. As they got to know each other better, Aditya made it clear he wasn’t interested in anything serious. However, they both agreed to keep their connection and maintain a comfortable relationship.

It was a month after they first connected that they had their first in-person meeting. It was in July when Aditya flew to Bangalore, and sparks were flying from their first date. They both felt a deep connection and spent the entire weekend together.

Over time, they continued to fly back and forth to meet each other despite the distance, making every moment they spent together feel like a honeymoon. Eventually, they made their long-distance relationship official and strengthened their bond by playing word games over video call.

Although they faced challenges when it came to differing views on the future, they worked through it and Aditya arranged a meeting with Aathira’s father to state his intentions. Three months later, they had their roka, a traditional ceremony to officially announce the engagement and signify the beginning of their life together.

Despite never having lived in the same city, they had a strong bond and had turned their distance into strength. They have plans to marry at the end of 2023 and are excited to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

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